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The Industry Acting School

The Industry Acting School

'I am amazed at the standard'. ~ Beth Charkham, Casting Director, 'Birds of a Feather', 'Men Behaving Badly', 'Queen of The Desert', 'The Ruth Rendell Mysteries'.

'The standard is very high'. ~ Irene Cotton, Casting Director, 'Steppenwolf Theatre Company', 'The Old Vic', 'The Bill'.

'Go see these people...if last night's show at The Phoenix is anything to go by, these are the ones to watch'. ~ Barry Ryan, Executive Producer 'Agatha Raisin', Sky

The Industry Acting School is a genuinely different kind of drama school, in that we actively encourage you to seek professional acting work while studying with us.

We welcome applications from all backgrounds and ages. Audition is via a 60 mins 1-2-1 interview, where you will be asked to prepare a short monologue and sight-read.

The Industry Acting School has at its core, an ethos of flexibility, which means that we endeavour to adapt to whatever the industry needs next.

At the end of your intensive one-year training, you will be skilled in stage and screen acting for the business as it is now.

We work intensely not only on your acting skills but on developing a professional attitude, so upon completion of your training you will know exactly how to approach the industry.

Nowhere else in London will offer you this level of practical, 'hands on' camera work and all-round nous, taught by such seasoned professionals.


Your graduation showcase will be at a London fringe venue, where you will have the chance to invite Agents, Casting Directors etc. to come and see you perform.

You will also receive a professional showreel (cinematic quality) ready to hand out to the industry, which will give you an excellent calling card for your future career.  


The Industry Acting School is all you will need to set you up in an industry that demands exceptional, believable acting in a tough, highly competitive environment.

And unlike most drama schools, we won't leave you high and dry upon graduation.

We will mentor you during your first year after leaving, by facilitating a run of a show for you at a London fringe venue, and help you produce a short film for festivals and other media.

You will also be allowed to attend top-up classes free of charge.


Our approach is down-to-earth and practical, our faculty are all working professionals, and our emphasis is on long-term survival in a rapidly changing, ever-evolving industry.

Therefore we do not subscribe to one particular system of acting. While we recognise that Method, Meisner, Chubbock etc, have their merits, we believe that the modern actor should be conversant with many approaches that can be called upon and utilised under pressure, as and when needed.

At The Industry Acting School we offer a comprehensive 4 term, intensive course of acting training at £1750 per term (less then £7 per hour).

Each term is ten weeks in length, and the course culminates not only in a staged showcase, but also an industry standard showreel.

Our hours of study are designed to be helpful for those that need to support their studies with part-time work: 11am-5pm, 4 days per week, and an industry workshop each Friday afternoon, 12pm-4.00pm.

These hours are likely to increase in the 3rd and 4th terms. Each day's work requires commitment and professional dedication.

We focus on screen acting in absolute detail, but also explore the rigours of theatre, encouraging our students to make - and take responsibility for - their creative choices in a high stakes environment.

Our students can also expect to work on Shakespeare, scene study, sight-reading, Motion Capture, voice and movement.


The school is a natural development from our sister company, the Bubble & Squeak Collective which has run weekly acting classes for 8 years, and which attract top casting directors such as Dan Hubbard, Beth Charkham, Carl Proctor, and Sarah Leung.

Over 40 actors have received offers of representation, and many more have appeared in TV series, features, shorts, Internet series, music videos, commercials, plays and public readings.

So, to be offered a place at The Industry Acting School is to work with film and theatre producers, directors, agents and actors of the highest calibre (see 'Our People' for our list of tutors).

Our impressive, and hard to beat list of first-rate industry contributors and workshop leaders have included:


Dan Hubbard  - (The Bourne Ultimatum, King Kong, The Bourne Supremacy)

Irene Cotton – (Steppenwolf Theatre Co, Chicago)

Andrea Clark – (Hellboy, Mutant Chronicles)

Beth Charkham – (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Men Behaving Badly, Birds of a Feather)

Suzy Catliff – (Sense and Sensibility, Murdoch Mysteries)

Thomas Adams – (Fruitcake Casting, London)

Sharon Sorrentino – (Feature Film - Pegasus Bridge)

Sarah Leung – (Children of Men, Law and Order, Waterloo Road)

Jane Deitch – (formerly Head of Casting at BBC, Waking The Dead)

Lucy Jenkins (RSC, Warhorse ( National), Vampire Diaries)

Carl Proctor (Rome, The Bible, The Kidnap Diaries)

Hammond Cox Casting – (Feature films – Spaceship, Hollows. Theatre – Othello)

Sarah Hughes – (Frantic Assembly T.C. and Alan Ayckborn’s CD. TV – Jonathan Creek, Rock and Chips)

Simone Reynolds – (Theatre – Royal Court, Films – Lamb, The Firm)

Stephanie Rodriguez  – Casting Associate to Sarah Crowe, BBC1, Channel Four

Kate and Lou Casting - Commercial Casting Directors

Nichola Whitworth – (Michelle Braidman Associates)

Gavin Denton Jones – (CAM)

Shane Collins – (Shane Collins Associates)

Daniel Tatarsky – (Billboard Personal Management)

Michael Keane – (Elaine Murphy Associates)

Kathleen Hutchison  – Executive Producer of Holby City, EastEnders, BBC1

Nigel Douglas – TV Director (Bad Girls, Hotel Babylon, Wild at Heart, Casualty)

Greg Loftin – Director/writer of Saxon (European Independent Feature Film of the Year, 2008)

Sam Holland – Writer/director ‘Zebra Crossing’ (European Independent Feature Film of the Year 2009)

Gary Holding – Features Producer at Loud Mouse Films

New Town Films – Producers of feature films ‘Community’, and ‘This Is Essex’

Bertie Watkins – Producer ‘Jack The Ripper’, Crow Theatre

Oli Rose – Director ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’, Associate Director, ‘Chariots of Fire’, Gielgud Theatre, West End

Shaka Bunsie – Producer ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’, ‘New Voices’ Producer at the Old Vic

Sean Cronin – Independent Film Maker (London Hood, Unborn Justice)

Lance Steen Anthony Nielsen – Independent Film Maker/Director (The Journey – Winner, Best Director, St Tropez Film Festival; Pegasus Bridge)

John McDonald – Award winning author, screenwriter, ‘Tribe’


'I got two jobs in South Africa! One on the BBC called 'Our Girls' and now a role on the US 'Black Sails'. I can't thank you enough because without your guidance and training I would have been lost.' ~ British Actress, Laura Higgins

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