Directors Course

Directors Course

We also run a Director's Course for two candidates each year.

This is an extremely practical, hands-on opportunity to work directly with actors in the all-encompassing mediums of film and theatre.

The first two terms will consist of film work - assisting with filming and editing, and then graduating to creating and filming one's own scenes and sequences. Theatre scenes will be included, under initial supervision - including blocking, understanding scripts and looking at scene objectives, how to communicate with actors effectively, and then looking at the similarities and differences between camera and theatre work.

Two acting classes must be attended per week, in order to understand an actor's job sympathetically.

The third term will consist of directing and editing a short film, and taking the first steps towards creating a showreel. Directing theatre scenes will be conducted largely without supervision, notes to be given and received at the end-of-term internal showcase.

The fourth term will consist of directing scenes for the end-of-year professional showcase, and directing and filming scenes for the actor's showreels. In short, a year-long graduation towards taking full responsibility for one's artistic decisions, and a direct passage into the industry.