Terms & Conditions 2016-17

Terms & Conditions 2016-17

The following terms and conditions apply to The Industry Acting School which provides courses and auditions to students.

Each person attending the courses and auditions shall for the benefit of these terms be referred to hereinafter as “Student”.

The Industry Acting School shall for the benefit of these terms be referred to hereafter as “the School”

Audition Fees

Audition fees are £40.

An application for audition will only be deemed to have been accepted if accompanied by payment of the required audition fee.

Receipt of the application and any audition fee paid at the time of application will be confirmed via email. Audition fees are nonrefundable.

Course Dates and Fees

Course fees are £1750 per term. Business loans are likely to be available.

Course dates are given in the letter of acceptance and course fees are given in the fee invoice for each course.

A place on a course will only be deemed to be accepted if accompanied by payment of a deposit.

Receipt of the deposit will be confirmed via email and acceptance of any Student is not confirmed until that email has been issued.

Students will not be permitted to commence any course or part thereof unless all course fees due as shown in the fee invoice are paid.

Fees for the one-year courses for EU Students are to be paid termly being two months in advance of the term commencement date as per the schedule given at the start of the course.

Fees for all other non-EU students are to be paid in full on an annual basis being two months in advance of the start of the course.

Course fees are reviewed annually at the School’s discretion.

All deposits payable in respect of courses are nonreturnable.

Please note any charges incurred by the School will be charged to the Student including late payment charges and any other charges, in particular items found missing from the school stock.

Course fees do not include the provision of scripts, play texts, clothing for classes, personal DVD’s, CD’s or any other material.

Students are expected to attend the School during all normal class hours which are from 11.00am to 5.00pm on Monday to Friday plus extra days (Sat/Sun) for which adequate notification will be given.

Students must be prepared to attend classes in the evenings as and when required. Such times are subject to change where necessary.

Any Student unable to attend any classes must inform the office before 9.15am. A doctor’s certificate is required for all absences of 3 days or more.

Punctuality is considered essential and poor attendance can result in a student being excluded from any course.

Students may not take part in amateur or professional theatrical engagement, auditions or other training courses, give interviews to the press, radio or television, nor at any time prior to the completion of the course, sign any agreement or otherwise come to an understanding with regard to professional services, with any artists agents, without the prior consent of the School.

The School reserves the right to make changes to the timetable, course content and to tutors and alter, omit or substitute any parts or part as described in any prospectus or other promotional material.


Where a Student is attending any course the contract can be terminated no later than 1 complete term’s notice.

Any course fees, audition fees or deposits paid will be not be refunded. Termination will only be accepted when received by the School’s principal in writing.

Limitation of Liability

The School shall accept no liability for any loss or damage for any matter at any times including any auditions or other activities whether organised by the School or otherwise save to the extent that such injury shall be caused by the negligence of the School.

The School shall accept no liability for any failure or delay in performance of any of its obligations and shall not be liable for the return of any fees or make any compensation where the inability to perform has arisen from or is attributable to acts, events or omissions beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to fire, flood, weather, accidental damage, structural or failure of utility service.

It shall be the responsibility of all students to maintain adequate personal insurance against their personal belongings at all times.

Damage or loss to the School’s property or property hired by the School will remain the responsibility of the Student and must be paid for by the Student or Students responsible.

The School does not warrant that any Student will have any particular skill or expertise at the end of any course and in particular accepts no liability and does not warrant that any Student will secure employment whether full or part time or otherwise.

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